Friday, December 4, 2009

brattleboro time machine - dec 04 2009

on a personal note: most folks know that my neighbors and i suffered a fire on this day five years ago. five years, so much can happen in five years. over the past few weeks i have been taking stock and looking at my world as it is now, and thinking about where this current path started five years ago. i have to admit that it is terrifying to lose everything, and also equally and sometimes more terrifying to replenish, take stock, and start again. i also had to learn to accept help along the way, blindly realizing that this is how we are meant to be with each other. and that is just the start as i also found that the lessons have been countless and nearly daily for me.

i have no doubt that i would not be as stable and functional as i am today without the help of many many folks in various degrees: the family, old & new friends, bandmates, townsfolk, area conspirators, unknown donators from past worlds, and of course most especially by the support of the wife's unconditional acceptance, hope, and positive angle.

as a measure of gratitude and as an expression of self-support, i have constructed one of the 'instant' sculptures that sunburned usually constructs before the start of our sets. i sometimes think of them as 'time machines', but honestly these pieces never have any specific intention or disucussion... the process is the intention i suppose... and although we have probably built hundreds of these in the past few years throughout the uk, europe, and the states, i think that brattleboro has yet to get one. therefore i stepped out of the role of collaborator on this one, and erected it myself in our new backyard. here is a photo taken a few nights ago on a rainy 'fullish' moon.

like all of us, it will stand as long as it manages to, and perhaps get some help if it starts to fall too.
and if you would like to come and visit it, and drink a cup of hot cider please drop a line, or just drop by.

with warm regards

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